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Get $75 of Free Advertising Credits in Google AdWords

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When it comes to digital marketing, search engine marketing cannot be ignored. And when it comes to search engine marketing, Google Search Engine & Google AdWords are the default players with 90%+ market share.
Learning AdWords advertising is one of the most important things that you can do for your business or digital marketing career. It is one of the most powerful targeted advertising platforms in the world.
Getting started with AdWords advertising is a little difficult. If you are not careful you’ll end up wasting money on AdWords. The fear of losing money prevents a lot of people from actually trying out AdWords campaigns. But that fear is gone once you have some free ad money to spend on AdWords advertising!
Getting free advertising credits from AdWords is the best motivation to start creating some new AdWords campaigns and start getting traffic to your website.
The number of free promotional coupons given out by Google AdWords have come down significantly in the recent years, but there is still some scope to get free advertising credits. In this article you will learn how to get free $75 in advertising credits for your (new) AdWords account.
How to Get $75 in Free Advertising Credits
AdWords usually gives free credits for new accounts. For Indian AdWords accounts, the free credits are usually limited to Rs.2,000 or $29.95. However, if you open an account with a US billing address, you will be able to get $75 in free ad credits.
To get $75 and in free advertising credits, you need to spend at least $25 from your account. You have to apply the promotional code within 31 days of opening your AdWords account.
Get a New Google Account & a US Billing Address
First you need a brand new Google or Gmail account which you can use exclusively for AdWords login. Then you need a US billing address.
If you have some relatives in the US you can use their address. I have used a US address to open an AdWords account and I did not face any problems. If I get any postal mail to this address it actually gets forwarded to me in India.
Get a US or Canadian IP Address
You will also need a US IP address while you are opening an AdWords account. For this I would recommend TunnelBear. With TunnelBear, you will be able to get US or Canadian IP address using VPN networks.
It is very easy to use, and it works both on Windows and Mac. The free account comes with 5 GB per month of usage, and that would be more than enough for you to operate AdWords.
If you get the unlimited account which costs $5 a month, you will even be able to watch American TV shows from websites such as Netflix!
Creating Your AdWords Account
Once you are connected via TunnelBear, Open Chrome in incognito mode and login into your Google account. Go to, and create your account.
As soon as you create your account you will be asked to create your first campaign. You can do this later, first we can get the billing setup done.
Go to Settings -> Billing and enter your billing address. Here you will also be asked to enter your billing information.
Enter a new credit card number here. Most of the credit cards in India work internationally, and there is no differentiation between International credit cards and Indian credit cards in terms of how they work online.
AdWords will charge a $1 authorisation amount on your credit card. This is done just to check if your credit card is active and working.
Once the billing setup is complete, you now need to add a promotional code to the account.
To get the promotional code visit this URL from your US IP address: (If you visit from Indian IP address, it will give you a 404 Error)

As of December 10th 2015, this page still working on the promotional codes work properly. Enter your email ID in the box as shown above, and you will get a new promotional code.
Go inside billing preferences in your AdWords account and click on manage promotional codes. Enter your promotion code here.
Now go ahead and create your first AdWords campaign and spend at least $25 in your account. Once $25 is spent another $75 credit will be added to your account automatically.
You can alternatively open an account with an Indian billing address, and get Rs.2000 in free AdWords credits using the same methods explained above.
You just need visit and sign up.

Sometimes if you open a new AdWords account, and don’t use it for 7 to 10 days, the Google AdWords marketing team in India will call you, and they will persuade you to start using your account.
To encourage you to start using your AdWords account (and probably with the hope that you will spend more in the future) they will give you are free promotional credits to your account directly. This has happened more than a few times for me, while I was sitting up AdWords account for my clients!
Start Experimenting with AdWords
If your learning digital marketing as a student, this is a good opportunity for you to go ahead and try AdWords advertising.
Create a free trial account on and create your first landing page. Drive traffic to this landing page using your new AdWords account, and start generating some leads.
By application and experimentation, you will learn search engine marketing much faster than reading books, watching video tutorials or attending training programs!

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