• 28th Jan 2017

Install Google Analytics for Your Blog

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The most important tool that you should get familiar with is: Google Analytics.
It is a free tool provided by Google and it is better than most paid analytics tools available in the market.
To sign up for a Google analytics account, you just need to have a Google or
Gmail account.
After you are logged in into your Google account, visit this URL:
Click on Sign Up as shown in the above screenshot.
I will not go over each and every step because it is pretty self-explanatory and easy process.
You just need to fill a standard form, agree to some terms and your account will be ready in less than 5 minutes.
If you have difficulty in setting up your analytics account, please email me and I will create a video tutorial for you.
Once your account is setup, you will get a unique analytics ID for your website account in Google analytics. The code looks like this: UA-XXXXX-XX
If you can’t find your code, you can go into the Admin tab, select your web property and get the tracking info.

Google will ask you to paste a Javascript code on all the pages of your website. 
To install a Google Analytics plugin in Wordpress, you just have to go ahead and install a plugin. There are several plugins in WordPress which will help you deploy Google Analytics code.
Go inside your WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins -> Add New
Install one of the plugins and inside the settings of the plugin, there will be an option to enter your website ID that was given to you by Google analytics.
Google analytics is the first step in learning analytics. And analytics is very very important for digital marketing. Analytics will help you make data driven decisions in the future with your business. For now, just play around with Google Analytics. Once your website starts getting a few visitors, you will see some life inside your analytics dashboard.
Here’s a screenshot from one of the sites that is just picking up:
To check the daily visitors you have to click on Audience -> Overview
You can also check which pages are the most visited ones by checking Behaviour.
If you have a habit of tweaking and experimenting with things, you will lose yourself inside Google Analytics.


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