• 2nd May 2019

Tips to attracts high volume of traffics to your websites

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1. Check your site every day to prevent unconditional shut down
2. When you first launch your website  you need to announce it formally and loudly
3. You need to do your market research and make sure you’re able to provide a specific target data with something visitors truly going to appreciate.
4. Make competitor’s research & offer them always a unique value 
5. One of your best options for attracting new traffic is via search engine optimization (SEO).
6. Users might be avoiding you if you don’t have consistent identity.
7. Your logo and company colors should be visible, and your “brand voice” should be in the content throughout your pages & also show off your company mission statement, vision, and core values
8. Poor site design affects your organic search visibility, the potential for your content to be shared by your visitors, and the rate at which visitors return.
9. Need to make sure your content is readable on all devices with perfect coloration of your words and backgrounds
10. Obsolete sites can hurt not only your traffic, but also your brand.
11. Mobile optimization is the process of making your site more functional for mobile users.
12. Optimized your site for important keywords.
13. Instead of  creating as many pages, usually includes a home page, about page, contact page, a handful of product and service pages, and an ongoing blog, at a minimum.
14. Your title tags and meta descriptions are the pieces of information that Google usually displays in its search engine results pages (SERPs).
15. More content means more chances to appear in search results for various keywords and better quality content will earn more traffic.
16. your site should have high-quality, valuable, well-written content which based on E-A-T criteria—that is, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.
17. Repeat traffic is going to be one of your most important—and most valuable—sources of web traffic in general. So give them an actual reason to come back.
18. Distribute content through blogging. It’s essential for SEO. 
19. You should also have a resources section, where you offer peripheral materials that your visitors can download, read, or peruse to gain information or work through a problem.
20. Your navigation plays a major role in how your site looks and functions, not only to users, but also to search engines.
21. Your site speed could play a major role in how many interested parties eventually become full-fledged site visitors, so keep a close eye on your site’s performance by optimize your site for speed by reducing image sizes, using a good caching plugin, and getting rid of unnecessary page elements.
22. Social media marketing belongs in the same category as content marketing. you only take the effort to claim your social media profiles, that alone can make you more visible to potential searchers looking for a brand like yours.
23. Social bookmarking sites are opportunities for free publicity—as long as you have something good to offer.

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