• 27th Sep 2021

Lead Generation on Facebook

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  • Posted By-Partha Sarathi Ghosh

The success of any business is depending on customer delight. To serve a customer we need to reach our potential customer. Numerous factors contributed to finding a potential customer. This is sometimes very cumbersome. Lots of money, time, and energy have to spend to get a lead. If you want a lead, which has seen, before you approach, then Lead generation through Facebook is one of the key players in this segment. This will give you potential leads by furnishing details of the potential customer, so that you can contact them, and explain them more about you and your business. This will also give your potential customer a chance to access their requirements. Whenever a mutually beneficial relationship materializes, those potential leads convert to actual sales.
Though it is a bit technical, yet Facebook, tried enough to simplify its process so that we can easily achieve our desired output in a lucid manner. All we need is a Facebook Business Page, and create an advertisement or a post to boost.
To create an advertisement, we have to open the business page. Go to Menu>Create>ad. As soon as you click on an ad, you will find three options, viz. Get started with an Automated Ad, Create a new ad and Boost a post. Choose an ad type that you intend to promote so that we can generate more leads. Out of three, click on “Create New” to enter its next segment. This is the goal section, where you have to select, Get more leads. Then you have to select an ad creative with us using a post. In the description box, you can give a description of your product in a nutshell. Add the headline of your advertisement. From a drop-down menu on the Button Level, you can choose your desired bottom. Choose this very carefully, as this is going to click with your potential customer to fill in further details.
Once the creative part is over, you choose your audience by clicking the location map in  the “Drop Pin’   section or simply by writing in the location box. There you can specify audience details that you would like to target, like gender, age, etc.
Lastly, you have to set the duration of your campaign and its corresponding budget depends on the predefined prediction made by Facebook.  Please ensure all your ad campaign is visible in the right-side panel, “Ad Preview” Section. If you are satisfied, click on Promote Now bottom, for payment. Currently, Facebook is accepting, Visa Card / Debit Card / Credit Card / UPI / Paytm / Net Banking. Once your payment will realize, the amount will be added to the Ad Funds. Facebook will take few hours to activate your ad campaign.
This is the step-by-step procedure to run a Facebook Paid advertisement. Of course, there are few other ways to run the same campaign, on Facebook, but the above-mentioned procedure appeals to me more. Hope the same for you. Once you familiarize you may find your way, but the basic requirements for the campaign will remain the same, and if change, will be done by Facebook itself.

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