• 21st Sep 2022

Sending Email with Attachment using PHP

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  • Posted By-Biswajit Swain

When the mail() function is called PHP will attempt to send the mail immediately to the recipient then it will return true upon successful delivery of the mail and false if an error occurs. In many PHP projects, we generally implement email send functionality such as user email verification, to reset password, contact us page etc. It is just few lines of code to send these type of email. But sometimes we have to implement email send functionality to send email with attachment in PHP. In this tutorial we will show you how to send mail with attachment using php.

We need two pages to complete this work. The first page contain a form where as the second page contain the PHP code to send email with attachment.

Page 1 - form.php 

Page 2 - mail.php

This code will require a remote sever to work. 

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