• 24th May 2019

Twitter Media Studio- A cool way to improve the quality of your twitter videos

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With Twitter Media Studio, you can improve the videos you tweet with thumbnail images, catchy titles, text captions, linked call-to-action buttons, and more—all before sharing videos with your Twitter followers.

This topic explain the details how to use the Twitter Media Studio to edit your new or existing videos.


STEP 1- Upload Video

Login your twitter account & click on . After that you see all of your previously uploaded media content and have the option to upload new videos.

In Media Studio, you can upload a MOV or MP4 video file that’s up to 1GB. For landscape videos, Twitter recommends a resolution of 1280 x 720. For square video, the best resolution is 720 x 720. Video length is typically limited to 2 minutes, 20 seconds (which is 140 seconds).

If you see a message that says your upload failed, make sure your video file is 1GB or less. If an error message says your video is too long, you probably need to shorten it to 2 minutes, 20 seconds or less.


STEP 2- Choose Thumbnail , Title & Description

After you upload a video, click on it to start editing the video to improve your tweet.  To choose a thumbnail, click the Change Thumbnail option. Then you can select a frame from the video as your thumbnail or upload an image saved to your computer. If you upload an image, make sure the image aspect ratio matches your video’s aspect ratio. For instance, a square video needs a square image, and a landscape video with a 16:9 aspect ratio needs an image that’s 16:9, too.

To add a title and description, click the video in the media library and open the Settings tab; then type your desired title and description in the appropriate text boxes. In the desktop Twitter feed, the title appears in the bold text under the video, and the description appears below the title.


STEP 3- Add caption by upload SRT file

Adding captions to your videos can keep viewers interested in your content. You add an SRT file to a Twitter video after you upload the video to Twitter Media Studio. From the Media Detail menu, select Subtitles and then SRT File. From there, you select the Upload option to upload the SRT file saved to your computer.


STEP 4- Call-to-Action Button

While people are watching the video, they can click the button and it takes them to whatever web page you choose. To add a call-to-action button, click the video in your Media Studio library and select the Settings tab. Then, in the Call to Action field, enter the URL where you want to send viewers. Twitter Media Studio then creates a button that displays your URL. When a viewer clicks the button, the web page will open in their browser.


STEP 5- Geotargeting

The geotargeting options let you include or exclude viewers from specific countries. To set a geotargeting option, click your video and select Settings and then Content Restrictions. Use the Include option to specify countries where viewers are allowed to see the video. Use the Exclude option to specify countries where you don’t want viewers to see the video.


STEP 6- Schedule or Share

Twitter Media Studio saves all of the updates you make to your video automatically. After you add all of the desired elements, you can tweet the video right from your media library. Click the blue Tweet button in the lower-right corner of the video you want to tweet, write the text of your tweet, and then click the Tweet button.

To schedule a tweet, click the Tweet button in the lower left of the video, write the text for your tweet, and click the Schedule option. After you select a date and time to publish the tweet, click Tweet so your content is published at the preselected time.


Now upload your promotional videos to Twitter Media Studio, Edit from there, share & drive more traffics to videos.


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