• 6th Aug 2020
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NEET and JEE-Mains exams have been scheduled to be held in September

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With the NEET and JEE-Mains examinations rescheduled for September, students seem to be breathing a sigh of relief at finally having a date for the UG engineering and medical entrance tests.
JEE-Mains exams which were initially meant to be held in April have been postponed to Septemeber, as has been the NEET exam which was delayed twice due to rising cases of coronavirus across the country.
As news of the exam dates was announced, many students and parents expressed relief and said that they did not want further deferment of the exams.
But with the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) National Defence Academy (NDA) exams clashing with the JEE-Mains entrance exam scheduled on September 6, speculation is rife regarding another postponement in the exam initiated by the National Testing Authority (NTA).

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